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Welcome to Artimmune - Your trusted partner in drug discovery for inflammation and infection. With a focus on scientific expertise, collaboration, and reliability, we are dedicated to advancing research in immunology and inflammation. As the world faces the challenges of COVID-19, Artimmune is committed to providing optimized research solutions. Our murine model of cytokine storm aids in the investigation of new drug candidates to combat COVID-19. Explore our preclinical CRO services and benefit from our extensive experience in lung diseases and immunology. Contact us to drive your research projects forward.

Our services
In vitro

In vitro studies are designed by Artimmune scientists to assess cellular toxicity and proof of concept of tested compounds, an essential step prior to animal and human studies. Our expertise and facilities (BSL1 and BSL2 laboratories) allow us to perform a study from conception and design to bench and analysis.

  • Primary cells culture

    Bone-marrow derived Macrophages
    Dendritic cells
    Cell isolation T cells
    Cell lines hAEC Human Airway Epithelial cells of bronchiolar origin
    NHBE Human primary bronchial Tracheal Epithelial cells
    hPBMC Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear cells
  • Cell lines

    Mouse Raw 264.7 Macrophages
    Human A549 Epithelial cells
    Beas2B Bronchial epithelial cells
    SW-1116 Colon adenocarcinoma
    PL-45 Pancreatic carcinoma
    RKO Colon adenocarcinoma
    HPAF-II Pancreas adenocarcinoma
    BxPC-3 Pancreatic carcinoma
    PC-3 Prostate adenocarcinoma
    DU-145 Prostate carcinoma
    UM-UC-3 Urinary bladder carcinoma
    NCI-H292 Lung carcinoma
    Dog MDCK(NBL-2) Kidney
    DH82 Malignant histiocytosis