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COVID-19 - While our priority is the health and safety of our staff, we operate thanks to an optimized organization and answer any request to run your research projects. > Contact us

The devastating pandemic of COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) is dramatically affecting every country on Earth, with millions of deaths and global economy turndown. Much of the mortality has been associated with a cytokine storm syndrome in patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19 pneumonia.

At ARTIMMUNE, we propose a murine model of cytokine storm to better investigate the therapeutic effects of new drug candidates designed to improve the mortality rate due to COVID-19 infection. > More information

Preclinical CRO

  • Our CRO Company

    ArtImmune is a contract research company which offers consulting and preclinical research services in immunology and inflammation with an emphasis on lung diseases.
  • Our Preclinical Expertise

    ArtImmune has a strong expertise in preclinical investigations of lung functions in vivo including plethysmography, bronchoalveolar lavage, cytology, histology, immunohistochemistry, and analysis of biochemical, immunological and molecular parameters.
  • Our Immunology Mission

    To evaluate in vivo the effects of novel drug candidates in lung, skin and gut diseases : allergic asthma, chronic bronchitis, lung fibrosis, emphysema and acute respiratory distress syndrome, psoriasis, wound healing, atopic dermatitis, and inflammatory Bowel disease (IBD), Pseudomonas aeruginosa and influenza A virus infection.
  • Cro Preclinical Partnerships

    The company results from a partnership between Key-Obs and the laboratory of Immunology INEM - UMR7355 - CNRS (CNRS and University - Orleans France). This partnership has allowed to establish relevant experimental models of lung diseases which are proposed in an expert environment.