Your partner in drug discovery in inflammation and infection

Welcome to Artimmune - Your trusted partner in drug discovery for inflammation and infection. With a focus on scientific expertise, collaboration, and reliability, we are dedicated to advancing research in immunology and inflammation. As the world faces the challenges of COVID-19, Artimmune is committed to providing optimized research solutions. Our murine model of cytokine storm aids in the investigation of new drug candidates to combat COVID-19. Explore our preclinical CRO services and benefit from our extensive experience in lung diseases and immunology. Contact us to drive your research projects forward.


  • Conventionnal-grade animal facility
  • SPF-grade animal facility
  • InExpose device (Emka)
  • Ozonisator Ozoniser S500 mg (Sander)
  • Cell culture room BSL-1 and BSL2
  • Plethysmograph (Buxco)
  • Canto II and Fortessa X-20 (BD)
  • Slide scanner (NDP View)
  • Confocal microscope (Leica)
  • Luminex MagPix (BioRad)
  • Blood analyzer
  • Real-time PCR (AriaMx)
immunology pharmacology equipments